Palenquera pencil drawingIt’s been half a life ago that I ventured into countries and cultures unfamiliar and learned to love these precious little people and their culture.  I just stumbled upon these drawings I made from photos of my time in South America.  I made them during a time that I was a little homesick for that far away place.

Lorito pencil drawing






Each of these children personally touched my life, and many other people and places made a lasting impression on my memory.  I have never pursued a career in art, but I am glad I made these drawings for my own enjoyment.  I decided to share them so the innocence and goodness in their eyes will put a smile on your face and maybe give you warm fuzzies, too.

Cristina pencil drawingJaimito pencil drawing Ladis pencil drawing Marineris pencil drawingEstefania pencil drawingDelia pencil drawing

Juan Pablo pencil drawingNino de La Puntilla pencil drawingFelix pencil drawing