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Image courtesy of :  weburbanist.com

I live in amazement that in all the history of the world, of all the places I could have been born, through all the centuries with so little change in lifestyle from one generation to the next, that I live in this time and place!!!  How amazing it is that I can punch in a few words on a keyboard and have immediate access to experts in whatever I want to study!!  Almost anything I am interested in learning about can be accessed in just a few minutes, if not seconds.  (I’m ashamed that I complain about my computer being “slow.”)

Last year I stumbled on this tutorial about how to make a concrete garden bench.  The molds are sold in sets of one top and one leg here at Lowe’sI ordered one of each so I could pour both legs at once and have the choice of a curved or straight top.  It’s really about as easy as it looks in the video, except that I didn’t realize just how heavy concrete is.  I had to have help turning the bench tops over to unmold them.  I got advice from the folks at Lowe’s about how to reinforce them with re-bar and weatherproof them with this quikrete sealant

Garden Bench

Garden Bench


I’m pleased to say I turned out a pair for my parents (Mother’s and Father’s Day last year) and one for a silent auction to raise money at the school carnival, as well as a few others.  I have yet to make one for my own garden spot.  Maybe it will be next. . .

So, modern scientific and technological progress are astounding!  I’m in awe of people who are able to come up with the questions–not to mention the answers–to the colossal challenges of life.  I suppose every revolutionary invention was envisioned incrementally, each pioneer building on the foundation of others before.  I am so grateful to stand on the shoulders of giants who slaved and sweated over unproven theories, sacrificing endless defeats because of their faith and foresight, laying the foundation for the luxurious lifestyle I have today.

I don’t really know how the chemical reaction works to cure sludgy wet cement into a useful, durable, and beautiful piece of outdoor furniture overnight, but I am grateful that many creative, thinking people’s discoveries have provided this little joy in my journey in the form of a garden bench.