Going on vacation with kids is always an adventure.  One of the challenges I’ve faced over the years is giving them a variety of things to keep them occupied during travel time without taking a lot of space in the suitcases.  The advent of the ipod changed things for us a few years ago, but I think too much screen time isn’t good for them, either.

2013-06-26-1411-56Here’s a good old fashioned alternative that may not work for everyone, but maybe it’s worth a shot.  You might even play the “interactive game” of conversation, while your hands are busy!  Go to Doodle Art Alley (click here) and download some free printable coloring pages and be sure to pack a box of crayons or colored pencils.  Depending on the age of the child, you can encourage them to use patterns and plan out their color schemes.  Go ahead and color with them–everyone can benefit from doodle therapy.  You may not even hear “Are we there yet?” and you’ll already have your first souvenir to pin on the fridge at home.

Doodle Art Alley is an AMAZING collection of really eye-catching designs that keeps growing.  It’s fun poring over the pages trying to decide which to print off.  I’ve used this site for a number of years at school.  My students look forward to test weeks because there’s always a little down time for coloring pages.