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Years ago I worked in a small “bake-off bakery.”  What that means is that we baked fresh bread and rolls every day from frozen dough we received in weekly shipments from a bakery supplier.  That was the only way we could have produced such a variety of different breads and sweets for the amount of space we had.  For a short while we were able to order a delicious vegetable bread dough.  It smelled heavenly when it was baking and was definitely a favorite among a few of our regular customers, but we didn’t sell a lot of it, so it was discontinued.

I had totally forgotten about Veggie Bread until some time about last Spring.  I was walking through the bulk section of the grocery store and  paused momentarily to wonder what you could do with dehydrated vegetable soup mix.  Then the memory hit me.  The outcome of my subsequent experiment was truly one of my best and gets rave reviews from my toughest critics.

Using my basic Home Made Bread Recipe, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of dehydrated vegetables to 2 cups of water in a microwave safe cup and heat it for about 1 minute.  Let it set for five to ten minutes before adding the rest of the water and mixing the dough as written in the original recipe.


You can buy the soup from the bulk section at WinCo or use a package or two (to your liking) of Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix.  Be particularly careful not to add so much flour that your rolls become hard and dry.  Sandwich Rolls are best when made from a very soft dough.


Allow the dough to rise.  Spray two baking sheets with cooking spray, shape the dough into rolls a little larger than golf ball sized and place a dozen dough balls on each.  Oil or flour your hands to make the soft dough easier to handle.  Lightly spray the tops of the rolls and cover them with waxed paper.


Stack the baking sheets and finish off with an additional weight on the top to flatten the rolls.  The recipe will make two sheet pans of Sandwich Rolls or four loaves.  I couldn’t resist making one loaf of veggie bread, so I only filled 1 1/2 sheets with hamburger bun dough balls.  (The Veggie Bread Loaf disappeared, still hot, before I could get pictures.)


Remove the waxed paper and allow to raise while the oven preheats or until they’re a little less than double.


Bake at 400º degrees for about 15 or 20 minutes before checking for done-ness.  As ovens vary, watch closely and remove when your rolls are golden brown.


Serve sliced hot and spread with butter, as a side to soup or chili, or sprinkled with grated cheese and toasted in the oven.

You can see that my hamburger patty shrank to smaller than the bun–next time I might try mixing a meatloaf burger with grated carrot, potatoes, onions, egg, and seasonings.  No big deal, they were DELICIOUS served with a bit of mayo, catsup, caramelized onions, and a fresh tomato slice from my garden.


Try Veggie Bread Sandwich Rolls for lunch with tuna, any variety of lunchmeat, chicken or fish patties, or with my all-time favorite: fresh tomatoes with mayo, salt and pepper, avocado, sliced cheese, and crispy lettuce.