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They really worked!  I shouldn’t be surprised–it’s not rocket science, I realize.  I just can’t help feeling a little giddy when one of my DIY projects is successful–especially when they go over well with the family.  These will be a great addition to our Grab and Go lunch menu.


I began by mixing up the cornbread recipe you’ll find in my previous post on Muffins, HERE.  I sprayed my twinkie pan with cooking spray and filled each compartment about 2/3 full, then topped each with 1/2 of a reduced fat turkey hotdog.


The cornbread will “grow” up over the hotdogs, so don’t worry about covering them with batter before baking.


Bake in a preheated oven at 375º for about 18 minutes.


My only regret was that I have just one pan, so I had to clean, dry and spray it a few times.  The recipe made 22 corndogs, in three batches.


These will go in my freezer in zip bags and be heated thoroughly in the microwave before they’re eaten.  I am not sure of how thoroughly the hotdogs get cooked in the oven.  You may want to give them another couple of minutes if you’re going to eat them right away.