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Remember my Popcorn tree?  For a dozen years I’ve babied this little sprig and now just look at my little baby all grown up!  They’re not quite ripe, but since it’s in my front yard and I walk past it several times a day, I haven’t been able to resist sampling the crisp, juicy (although ever-so-slightly green) apples.  I can only say, it’s been worth the wait!


My little tree is such a big deal to me.  It’s not as though I have any power of my own to teach a tree to grow or create a perfectly nutritional, life-sustaining, delicious food.  I have nurtured it, but like every other living thing in the universe, God set them into their perpetual cycle.  He created apple trees to grow intuitively, produce fruits, and replace themselves with an abundance of self-replacing seeds.  He causes the buds to form, the bees to pollinate, the sun to shine, and the rain to fall; and it is God who–in my perfect apple-growing climate–causes the frost to come and entice the tree to sweeten its fruits just the right amount in time for the harvest.  Apple trees have been fulfilling the full measure of their creation since the Day God placed them on earth for the blessing of His children.


Aren’t they beautiful, miraculous, perfect living creations?!  Apples picked up from the produce department at the local grocery store never taste as good, but they are certainly just as miraculous.  Maybe it’s because I acknowledge the hand of Deity in providing them more when I have watched them day by day in my own home orchard.  Gratitude and the exercise of faith may just be the ingredients that make them so delicious, after all.