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You can see I’ve been on a knitting kick, lately.  Here’s another project I’ve recently finished.  I made it for my niece.  It was a surprise, and I asked her model it with the t-shirt she was wearing at the time.  I’m sure it will be cuter with the right outfit. . . but doesn’t she have a great smile?!  She’s a sweetheart–so appreciative, it makes me really enjoy making things for her!  In the cooler weather that’s coming, there are very few things that make a person feel so scrumptiously warm and comfortable as a Cozy-Hug-Shrug!


It doesn’t get simpler than this:  it’s just one big rectangular piece, then seamed up on each end to form the sleeves.  I began with 60 stitches in a provisional cast on in the middle of the back.  I made up the random pattern of striped rows as I went along (using only knit, purl, and an occasional lacing row of K2, k2tog, y/o, k1). Approximating from the center back to the shoulder, I switched the direction of the stripes with cables down the sleeves, and ended with about three inches of rib stitching at the elbows.  I picked up the live stitches from the cast on (center back) and mirrored the pattern for the other side.  (I was especially careful to change the direction of the cables.)  I finished it off by seaming up the sleeves and weaving in the ends.  You can’t really see from the pictures, but this is a very soft, gushy, delicious yarn!  (Red Heart Soft) and it really is black.  (I don’t know why it looks so light in the pic.)