Some people have a different color scheme or theme for their Christmas decor every year.  I admire Victorian beauties from a distance, and part of me would love an elegant room like that, but I couldn’t get too close.  It would be too hard to toss things out to start over next year.  I get emotionally attached.  Each little ornament means something special to me.  Each one has a story and a memory.  You can learn a great deal about me and the people I love by what I hang on the Christmas Tree. Starting at the top. . .


This little angel topped our tree for about 20 years. I designed it from leftovers of a wedding dress I altered for a friend.


Our Star of Bethlehem.  Retiring our angel was not a decision to take lightly, but when Mom needed to give her star a new home, we decided on another prominent place for the angel.


Sweet memories of Christmases when my babies were new and the thought of giving birth in a cattle stall was especially tender.  Both my babies were born late in the Fall and passed off for the Baby Jesus in our family Nativity re-enactments.

Honoring my husband’s New York roots and the tradition of our family’s sport of choice:  Basketball.

Beads and Bows and memories of Mrs. Porter, our favorite kindergarten teacher.

Handmade cross-stitch and crochet.


This corn husk angel was personally hand-made for my mom by her life-long friend, Nancy, who happens to be the creator of the highly collectible Nan’s Dolls.

Appearing out of nowhere over the years, these cuties represent the goodness of my kids’ friends.

Souvenirs from a Christmas gathering at our church, where Bethlehem of long ago was recreated with authentic food, vendors and artisans. As spectators to the Holy Couple’s entrance into town, all were dressed in our Bible costumes. The kids especially liked working in the potter’s marketplace.

Perler beads bring back sweet memories of working for hours sorting, creating, loving quiet time together with my kids.


Music box ornament plays a piano version of Silent Night. This reminds me of my husband’s generous and sweet Aunt Georgine, who always remembers us.


This little snowman reminds me of a little girl (one of my students) whose struggles in school never dampened her optimistic and generous outlook on life. This was a gift to her Teacher. I love answering to that name.


A going-away gift from a loving and generous family I knew in South America. They didn’t have much by way of material things, but their love for each other was unbounded, and spilled over into the lives of everyone they knew.


Reminds me of the dear friend, Denise, who gave it to me.


A little girl about 5 years of age, recently immigrated from the warm climate of Colombia came to live in Utah’s winter wonderland just before Christmas.  Her family lacked warm coats and boots, had scant bedding, and no concept of snowy winters, but came with huge hearts.  When I noticed this ornament on her tree she freely offered it to me.